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Our History

wcMAC has its fundamentals in providing world-class services, which since 1996 has been dedicated to the national industrial environment, in South America and recently in a global scope.

wcMAC's culture is guided by an unique way of relating to the market, an experience that is lived intensely with client companies from the most varied sectors of the economy.

wcMAC relates to the reality of its customers through an approach marked by simplicity, trust, partnership and objectivity.


Transform Industrial Asset Management into a competitive factor for our customers, regardless of the segment, size or complexity of their operations


We have developed a management plan tailored to customers.

wcMAC adopts simple methodology through modern means of connectivity, sharing and collaboration, giving a sustainable presence to its projects and respective results. Proximity and commitment, differentiate wcMAC in the attitude of caring for customers.

This is how wcMAC has built its more than 20 years of history.


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