industrial situation
tailored to each
Management improvement
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Diagnostics and
Identification of
Initial element of a consultancy that provides earned value to Asset management and Project management..

Maps aspects and situational characteristics, and customer culture.

Reliability of
Industrial Management

Improve Industrial Reliability.
Improve the maintenance team.
Improve work safety.
Extend financial benefits.

Management Office
Improve the quality of planned deliveries.
Improve control over the development of the project.
Improve communication between areas of the organization.
Improve the vision of investments in projects.

Our services contribute to improve the processes of industrial management

Industrial Diagnostics

Recognize the current status of industrial management processes and consolidate pillars of opportunities to enhance them in operational results.

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Reliability of Industrial Management

Increase results in cost, availability, quality and safety, by structuring the reliability and availability management of industrial processes.

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Project Management

Reduce investment risks (CAPEX or others) and generate value for stakeholders and shareholders, by structuring offices for project management (PMO) and their respective dissemination.

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Knowledge Management

Perpetuate the knowledge of companies as well as establish processes of communication, integration and collaboration of contents, through the use of digital transformation tools.

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Supply Chain Management

Increase customer and consumer satisfaction, optimize the production chain by reducing lead time, reducing costs with supplies and increasing responsiveness.

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Since its founding year, wcMAC has been able to enhance industrial businesses and generate high degree of satisfation among the clients, which was attested by our numbers:

Our clients are leaders in the following Industry sectors





Alcohol and Sugar

Wood Panels


Supply Chain

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